Why Bring Your Distribution Center to Baldwin County?

Posted by Tanner Jones on Dec 13, 2017 10:30:00 AM

When your business’s distribution and logistics arm is prepared to expand, what’s on your list of must-haves? If you’re looking to maximize efficiency in your distribution centers, you need to factor in more than just the site’s location. You need to look for a place that offers easy access to cities, an available labor force, several transportation options and, depending on your business, the ability to import and export internationally. With a location that checks all of the boxes, Baldwin County stands ready to meet your company’s warehousing and distribution needs.




The first must-have Baldwin County supplies is the ability to easily reach markets, near and far. As a hub that allows you to reach major markets such as Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Memphis, Charlotte and many more, Baldwin County can cover the southeast region, all within a half-day drive. With a strong supply of available land, existing warehousing space, great access to several forms of transportation, and a workforce of over 500,000, why not build your business in a prosperous county.




Baldwin County is the ideal place to help get you where you need to go, with two interstates, I-65 and I-10, that can take you all over the southeast within a half-day drive. Locating in Baldwin County also gives your business access to two regional airports, in Mobile and Pensacola, as well as the Port of Mobile and CSX Class I rail service. These transportation options will get your business moving and increase your growth and profitability, supporting your bottom line.

Home to a regional workforce of over 500,000 that is growing every day, Baldwin County is able to meet your company’s workforce needs. Our willing and able workforce continues to grow year over year – along with our population. Since 2000, Baldwin County has grown 49% percent, making us the fastest growing county in the state of Alabama and one of the fastest growing MSA’s in the nation.




Whether your business is looking to locate a large distribution facility like the ACE Hardware Support Center, located in Loxley, Alabama, or expand a small family-owned business, Baldwin County should be at the top of your list when thinking of a place to plant your business. To learn more about available properties or buildings, contact Lee Lawson at llawson@baldwineda.com or call 251.970.4083.


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