Top 5 Considerations for Aerospace Companies Looking to Invest in Baldwin County

Posted by Tanner Jones on Jan 18, 2017 10:00:00 AM

The Baldwin County region has recently enjoyed a number of notable investments and expansions from global aerospace and aviation companies, including UTC Aerospace Systems’ 2016 expansion in Foley. And, this trend of aerospace investment is expected to continue in 2017 and beyond. According to Site Selection magazine, the Southeast has proven itself a prime region for aerospace investment due to factors like workforce training incentives and an extensive supply chain network.

See below how Baldwin County stacks up in several areas that are top considerations for aerospace companies looking to invest and expand their operations.


  1. Training & Education

What Site Selection refers to the as the “talent pipeline,” a location’s ability to deliver a highly skilled, qualified workforce is essential for aerospace companies looking to fill new jobs. And with world-class aviation training available at The Academy at Fairhope Airport and a regional labor shed of over 500,000, Baldwin County is ready to fill these technical roles.



  1. Logistics & Supply Chain

With access to major highways, interstates, CSX rail and the Port of Mobile, Baldwin County is well connected to the country and the world. Located only a half-day’s drive from major markets like Dallas, Houston and New Orleans, aerospace companies will find that Baldwin County is able to meet their logistics and supply chain needs.

  1. Industry Success

Aerospace companies have found great success in Baldwin County, with global companies like UTC, Segers Aerospace, Airbus, B/E Aerospace Consumables Management, and Hutchinson Aerospace already calling the Baldwin-Mobile region home. Collectively, these world-class companies manufacture everything from commercial and fighter jets to space military aircraft and turbine engines. Learn more about the global aerospace and aviation companies that have landed in Baldwin County here.



  1. Economic Development

In addition to industry-specific success, Baldwin County’s economic climate as a whole has contributed to the rise in aerospace investment. Recent state and national rankings have reflected Baldwin County and the state of Alabama’s fast growth and healthy business climate. We’ve seen an uptick in investments from a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, tourism, education and health care, and are now leading the state in business and GDP growth.

  1. Community & Demographics

As the fastest growing county in Alabama and the number one tourism destination in the state, Baldwin County holds a unique position as both a business hub and a prime vacation spot. The high quality of life has attracted more than 6,000 successful businesses and 200,000 residents, making Baldwin County one of the premier places in the Southeast to live and work. Learn more in our Baldwin County Fact Book.


For more information about the aerospace industry in Baldwin County, download our free Baldwin County Aerospace Fact Book here.

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